Chagos Conservation Trust

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Vision, Mission & Aims


CCT’s vision is to ensure that the globally important natural environment of the Chagos is well protected, conserved and understood, inspiring the better management and protection of our planet.


CCT’s mission is to promote and conduct scientific and historical research and environmental conservation work in the Chagos (British Indian Ocean Territory - BIOT). We work to advance international understanding of the global environmental importance of the Chagos to ensure its protection for the wider public benefit.


CCT’s key aims are:
a) to develop the Trust’s capacity as the leading NGO helping to co-ordinate environmental conservation work in the Chagos;

b) to work closely with the BIOT Administration and others concerned with the management of BIOT to influence and assist them in achieving the better conservation of the Chagos;

c) to promote and carry out, with the agreement of the BIOT Administration, an integrated and sustained programme of scientific research and effective, well targeted conservation projects to protect the rich biodiversity of the Chagos;

d) to raise public awareness, through better communications, education and outreach, of the importance of environmental conservation work in the Chagos, and of its history, in order to influence national and international policies and to advance the better understanding of such issues within the Chagossian community and more widely; and

e) to develop the Trust’s organisational capacity to carry out its objectives through income generation and good management practice.


A pdf of the CCT constitution can be downloaded from here.


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