Chagos Conservation Trust

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Date Subject Author Title URL Attachment
6.12.2016 Documents Chagos A History order form
27.10.2015 Documents CCT board of trustees CCT submission to BIOT resettlement policy review
6.11.2014 Documents CCT Executive Committee Chagos Conservation Trust Constitution
22.10.2014 Documents CCT CCT Minutes from APPG Meeting
22.10.2014 Documents CCT CCT Briefing note for Chagossian APPG meeting
17.10.2014 Documents Prof Charles Sheppard, Chair CCT Letter to New Scientist in reply to the Fred Pearce opinion piece 'Chagos Marine Reserve Polluted by Politics'
26.6.2014 Documents Prof Charles Sheppard Chagos Conservation Achievements and the Way Ahead for CCT
3.3.2014 Documents Professor Charles Sheppard Science underpinning management in Chagos, and what CCT plans in the year ahead.
19.2.2014 Documents Philip L Woodworth An Update on Past and Future Sea Level Changes at Diego Garcia and Remarks on the Need for Chagos Regional Ocean Modelling
11.11.2013 Documents Chagos admin Programme for Chagos 20/20