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Date Subject Author Title URL Attachment
26.2.2016 PR and Media Helen Pitman The future of wildlife is in our hands
24.2.2015 PR and Media Charles Sheppard Chagos climate change article in Ocean Digest journal
5.8.2013 PR and Media Daniel LeDuc Setting a High Bar with Her Giving
25.1.2010 PR and Media Chagos Environment Network Chagos Marine Reserve
17.8.2012 PR and Media Defra Darwin Newsletter
16.7.2012 PR and Media Charles Sheppard Protecting Indian Ocean Coral Reefs - a talk by Professor Charles Sheppard
21.5.2012 PR and Media Charles Sheppard Prof Charles Sheppard National Geographic interview
17.5.2012 PR and Media The West Australian Scientists capture marine beauty
4.5.2012 PR and Media Gabrielle Shaw Communications Selfridges celebrates 1st anniversary of Project Ocean
2.5.2012 PR and Media Colin Clubbe Trouble in paradise.